If you’re seeing this, then issue 13 has been released, which means Aptitude Test is, for all intents and purposes, complete. I’ve said what I felt needed saying in the comic itself, but I’ll reiterate how happy I am to return and give this a proper send off.

My intent is too take this momentum (haha) into new comic projects, and I’ll try and update this site if I have anything new to point at (did you know I did a podcast a couple years ago?). Or follow me on twitter, bluesky, instagram, or boomark my linktree. I’ve given you all the clues!

Aptitude may be done, but if you’ve learned anything about me reading this comic, you’d maybe guess my Marvel-lovin’ ass adores a shared universe. So when I move on to something new, there’s always a chance for these characters to return in some form. You never know.

Okay I love you, bye bye!